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Notice: This page is about Chuck Norris the Fundex Pokémon. For the tier, see Chuck Norris (tier).

Chuck Norris is the second in the Fundex by index number. He is the only one to be classified in the Chuck Norris tier, because of his high stats and giant movepool, which are by far superior to anything else in the Fundex.

#651 Chuck Norris
New Index No. #1001
Type Fight

Ability Pure Power
Gender Gender1
Tier Chuck Norris
Alternate form(s) None


Stat Base Min- Min Max Max+
HP 255 - 651 714 -
Attack 255 491 546 609 669
Defense 255 491 546 609 669
Sp. Atk. 255 491 546 609 669
Sp. Def. 255 491 546 609 669
Speed 255 491 546 609 669


Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Apocalypse Unknown Physical 180 90 5
Beard Deflect Unknown Other - - 1
Round House Kick Unknown Physical 255 100 1

Chuck Norris can also learn any regular Pokémon move.


  • Chuck Norris has the highest base stat total: 1530.
  • Chuck Norris is one of the only to share his signature move with someone else in the Fundex, which is Stealth Norris. Another one to share its signature move is 2012, which, interestingly, is also shared with Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris has the potential to deal the highest damage of any Fundex Pokémon in the game, at 349,584,184. This can be achieved by using the fifth turn of Ice Ball on a level 1 Gible with minimal Defense, lowered 6 stages, while Chuck Norris has maximal Attack which is boosted by 6 stages. Chuck Norris also needs to have the Pure Power ability, hold a Metronome, be in a triple battle and be supported by two Cherrim using Helping Hand during Sunny weather, also giving Chuck Norris a Flower Gift boost. Furthermore, Chuck Norris must have used Defense Curl to double Ice Ball's base power, as well as Reflect Type on an Ice type in order to get a STAB boost when using Ice Ball, to which Gible is 4x weak. Lastly, and obviously, the attack has to be a critical hit.

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